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Welcome to AEIMS

Association Européenne
des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques

Welcome to the Website of the Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Medicaux et Scientifiques showcasing the work of Europe's premier Medical and Scientific Illustrators.
The AEIMS Website and the many services offered therein will help you with your particular illustration interest. Along with many opportunities, and a chance to see what other illustrators are doing, you are certain to find many reasons why becoming a member.
The Annual Conference offers an exciting lineup of programs, presenters and workshops. Conference participants will have the opportunity to meet and make friends with other illustrators from all over the world. In many ways the Conference is like an “annual reunion”.
Please continue to browse though the AEIMS Web Site and discover all that AEIMS has to offer.


Member Community

If you are a member of the AEIMS, the Online Members Community offers an incredible opportunity for members to stay connected.
Active dialogue keep you up-to-date regarding emerging fields and employment opportunities and inject a dose of freshness and energy in your work