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Postgraduate Programme in Medical Art
United Kingdom

Medical Artists' Association (MAA)
Introduction :
The Medical Artists' Association of Great Britain was founded in 1949, to gain recognition, promote and train professional medical artists.
Artists have been recording anatomy, physiology and medical advances for many centuries. Medical art has continued to evolve, to encompasses a diverse range of interpretative art techniques and subject matter of either in an observational, theorectical or conceptual nature.
Artists' today, need to be imaginative, adaptive and flexible in the interpretation in their art, within the vast arena. The Medical Artists' Association is actively linked with other professional institutes and associations both in the United Kingdom, Europe and throughout the world. The MAA receives the support and patronage of The Worshipful Company of Barbers'.
Further information is available at http://www.maa.org.uk

Medical Artists' Education Trust (MAET)
Postgraduate Programme in Medical Art
In 1997, this successful Postgraduate Programme, became the Medical Artists' Educational Trust, a separate Educational Body, with charitable status.

Course :
This self-directed programme is a unique course, following a structured syllabus; including set and open coursework, research and a thesis. The course is designed so that each student experiences and explores a wide breadth of medical topics. including anatomical, surgical and pathological study; which develop alongside comprehensive experience, in medical art techniques.
Today there is an almost universal use of computer graphics and 3d generated imaging, providing ever more opportunities and challenges. Each student attends monthly tutored seminars and workshops, developing not only their artistic skills to a very high level, but also their professional practice as a medical artist.
Medical artists, work in close collaboration with the medical profession and must therefor be fully conversant with medical and technical aspects of his or her profession and the artistic ability of each artist must be matched with a sound understanding of the scientific subject. Seminars are primarily held at the Royal College of Surgeon's in London.
The programme runs over a full academic year, being divided into three terms, each with a set of seminars and tutorials. Students have a unique access to medical facilities, libraries and museums for their period of study. The programme may be followed by students in any part of the United Kingdom or elsewhere, provided they are able to travel to London for the seminars, workshops and assessments.
Successful completion leads to Professional Membership of the Medical Artists' Association of Great Britain, including admission to the Voluntary National Register and entitlement as a Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner (RMIP).

Entry Requirements :
An initial general education is required to A-level, following the standard for Art College Entrance. A foundation year preceding an Honours Degree is then taken in the field of Art and Design, or a Higher National Diploma incorporating scientific illustration.
Prospective student's who have come through a medical based degree, may still apply. Interview assessment will be based on the quality and range of work, a keen interest in this subject and a comprehensive portfolio showing a high standard of drawing skills, life drawing studies, colour work, media skills and sketch books and supporting material.

MAET Website : HYPERLINK www.maet.org.uk

Mrs Joanna Cameron
Director of Education
Medical Artists' Education Trust United Kingdom
+44 (0)1372 843817

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