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About us - Know more about the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts :
The curriculum at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is always state-of-the-art. The university offers bachelor and master degrees in Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Social Work, Art, Design and Music. Further education studies are related to the practical needs of our postgraduates and their employers alike.
We offer modules as well as courses leading to a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) or a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). To foster networking and mobility we work closely with other higher education institutions at home and abroad and encourage extracurricular activities offered by "Campus Lucerne" under the auspices of the higher education institutions in Lucerne.

Creativity and Innovation for Culture, Society and Business
The Lucerne School of Art and Design attaches great importance to individualized counseling for its students. During their studies, they are encouraged to find independent and high-quality artistic design strategies and solutions. Furthermore, students critically reflect on the societal, economic and technological conditions under which these occur.

Three Bachelor Programs with nine subject areas
•  Visual Communication :
   Graphic Design
•  Product and Industrial Design :
   Textile Design
   Design Management, International (in English)
•  Art and Transfer :
   Art Education
   Fine Art
   Art Transfer
Two master programs with two majors as of 2008
•  Design
•  Fine Arts
Specializing in the areas of Didactic Design, Storytelling through Design and Design Management as well as Art and Public Sphere, the School offers a one-of-a-kind program in Switzerland. It looks back to 130 years of tradition and is a highly-valued partner for institutions both at home and abroad within its extensive network.

Further Education
•  Cultural Management Practice
•  Digital Media
•  Digital Design and Management

Focuses on the emphasis on the illustrator as a visual author, developing conceptual and story telling skills for the communication industry, encouraging individual creativity and advancing design skills in partnership with the graphic design department.
Focuses on the perfection of a considered application of drawing and painting techniques as well as analytical communication skills (didactic information). There is a longterm basis in the research of projects in the area of science and knowledge e.g. zoology, botany, archaeology, and medicine, and in freelance popular science projects (students have to apply for one area only!). Portfolio work, presentation skills, language, theory and an introduction to business practice is also included.

Academic year
The Bachelor study programs 2006 start mid-October (calendar week 43). As of 2007, the academic year will start one week earlier and as of 2008, the academic year will start five weeks earlier, at the beginning of calendar week 38. There is a winter and summer semester of 16 weeks each. Additionally, project weeks and workshops may start one week earlier, depending on the school. Please consult the study guide of your school for details.

Lectures are generally held from Monday to Friday, 8.15 am - 6.00 pm.

Students can expect 17-25 contact lessons of 45 minute duration per week. Additional time for guided and free self-studies, as well as writing papers, have to be planned individually on top of this. For music students, different duration of lessons may apply.

Per semester, a total of 30 ECTS points should be achieved by the students.

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