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Professional (Active) Members
A medical and scientific illustrator or sculpturers with a minimum of two years of professional experience and proof of publication as demonstrated by their portfolio.
Active members generally includes those who make much of their living by freelancing or by employment. Applicants are required to be sponsored by two members or by the Membership Committee.
A review of the applicant's portfolio is required. Active Members receive all the benefits available to AEIMS members, are eligible to vote and may hold office in the association.
Associate Members
For illustrators and sculpturers who do not meet all of the criteria of a general membership but are actively engaged in or pursuing a professional career. Associate Members receive many of the same benefits as General Members do, however they may not vote or hold office.
Applicant must be enrolled in an institution of higher learning, pursuing a course of study related to medical or scientific illustration or sculpture.
Student members may not vote or hold office. Membership is valid for one year from date of issue. Student membership expires after the first annual AEIMS meeting following graduation.
Honorary Members
These members are individuals who have been granted Honorary Membership in AEIMS in recognition of outstanding careers.
Honorary Membership is awarded by the General Assembly of AEIMS and cannot be applied for. Currently an Honorary Member does not pay a subscription, entry is by invitation, and he or she pays for congress and so on.

Currently our Honorary Members are:
Pierre Kuntz, who was one of the prime movers in setting up and establishing this Association; of course everyone knows that he is a medical artist. (France)

Giliola Gamberini, past Professor responsible for the Scuola di Disegno Anatomico at University of Bologna and one of the founders of the Association. (Italy)

Prof. Robert Whitaker, who is a retired urologist, teaches anatomy and anatomical drawing at Cambridge University, and is a fine artist himself, having illustrated his patient notes when he was in practice. (United Kingdom)

Prof. Krstic, who is a retired pathologist and as well as illustrating much of his work, is intensly interested in medical and scientific illustration. (Switzerland)

Francis Van Glabbeek, MD, PhD
Professor of Functional Anatomy and Orthopedics
President Flemish Elbow and Shoulder Surgeons Society - FLESSS
Department of Orthopedic Surgery
University Hospital Antwerp

Schools & Universities
Colleges and Universities offering AEIMS-recognized courses in medical or scientific illustration.

Foreign Members
For those illustrators who are members of a foreign professional association that has a reciprocal agreement with AEIMS. Foreign members receive limited benefits. They may not vote or hold office.

Benefactors are individuale or entities who wish by financial assistance to participate in the Objectivies of the Association.

  • medical and scientific illustration
  • medical and scientific illustration
  • medical and scientific illustration
  • medical and scientific illustration
  • medical and scientific illustration
  • medical and scientific illustration
  • medical and scientific illustration
  • medical and scientific illustration


Member Community

If you are a member of the AEIMS, the Online Members Community offers an incredible opportunity for members to stay connected.
Active dialogue keep you up-to-date regarding emerging fields and employment opportunities and inject a dose of freshness and energy in your work


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